Senior JavaScript Developer – New York city, NY

at Intone Networks Inc.
Published September 8, 2022
Location New York, NY
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


Must Haves:
MUST HAVE Senior-level JavaScript engineering expertise - less focused on Pixel-Perfect development (although an understanding of UX principles and standards is important) and more geared towards "code in the browser".
MUST HAVE Vue.JS experience, as the consultant will be reviewing all PRs for the development team, and will be mentoring and leading the team in this technology.
Ideal candidate will have worked on:
o Tokenization, Encryption, Signatures, etc. in a JavaScript context.
Expertise in ECMA6 / ECMA7. For example:
o Promises
o Scoping
o Literals
o Map/Set, WeakMap, WeakSet
o Arrow Functions
o Typed Arrays
o Classes
o Destructuring
Expertise in CSS & Preprocessors such as: LESS, Stylus, etc.
Needing someone that is VERY strong in Front End Styling, CSS.
o There is a specific set of engineers that specifically do styling, and we need to present someone who was doing this in previous roles
Possess a solid understanding of two or more component-based frameworks and their ecosystems. Examples: Vue.js, React, Vanilla, etc.
Have an appreciation for the complexities associated with writing JavaScript SDKs, libraries, and third-party integration code.
o The JavaScript that this Engineer will write will talk directly to Java-based microservices & RESTful services.
The ideal candidate will have gained expertise in enterprise-class shops, while engineering solutions that function at scale. The bigger and "cloudier", the better.
Must possess a Quality Engineering mindset and write Unit Tests (this is a TDD shop).
o Will be using tools such as Mocha, Karma, Protractor, Cucumber, Jasmine, etc.
We need true Engineers, who have evolved their programming career using JavaScript, as opposed to Java, C#, etc. (this person should know JavaScript backwards and forwards). - provided by Dice

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