Customer Support / JavaScript – Remote

at SeedCode, Inc
Published June 25, 2022
Location WA
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Job Type Full-time  


We’re looking for someone to support and extend DayBack Calendar for our customers. You’ll be answering customers’ questions, augmenting our documentation, and helping customers modify the JavaScript snippets they use to customize their calendars. 

For many of our customers, DayBack is the first opportunity they’ve had to design a scheduling app that works for them. It’s the first time they’re not overextended: not making promises they can’t keep. Helping customers get all this accomplished is incredibly satisfying. You’ll be joining a team that is beloved by our customers: a team that gets a lot of thanks and that our customers refer to as heroes.

The Work

We provide a lot of support to our customers as they deploy our flagship app, DayBack Calendar.

You’ll be emailing and screen-sharing with customers to help them map the calendar to the activities they want to schedule. And you’ll be extending calendar actions in JavaScript to help customers customize calendar behaviors to match their workflow.

You’re not afraid to call or video-chat with customers and have them ask questions you can’t answer right away (you’ll always have the team to help you). And ideally, you have some customer-facing experience; working on a software help desk, in IT support, or consulting on your own.

You’ll be writing a lot of emails telling customers how to modify our app, so you’re a fluid and confident writer. The position is a mix of support and development: there’s a lot of listening to what customers are looking for and suggesting solutions–many of which are well documented so customers can deploy them on their own. But some solutions will need to be modified, and customers will ask you to help them do that. At first, you’ll connect customers to team members and watch how they customize things, but soon you’ll use your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML skills to customize DayBack, or take a look at their work when they get stuck.

Are we looking for a Salesforce Admin?

We do a lot of work in Salesforce, so any experience you have there will help. However, Salesforce is also the easiest part of the job to learn, and this position can be a great introduction to the Salesforce ecosystem.

Are we looking for an experienced JavaScript developer?

Not necessarily. You’ll need to be familiar with basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, such as that used in custom actions like this one (you can download that action’s JS to see what’s involved). We don’t expect you to write a snippet like that from scratch, but you should be able to take code like that and customize it by extending the query or adding an IF condition. We’ll ask you to do some of that in the take-home coding challenge (item 4 in the “hiring process” below).

You do not need experience with a particular framework like React since most of the customizations you’ll be working with are written in plain old JavaScript.

How to apply

We’ll want to see your resume and work samples (below).

Samples of your work

JavaScript – If you have examples of your work or side projects, we’d love to see anything that represents where you are with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Writing – Communication (and empathy) are the keys to building and supporting great software. So we want to know that you can write well. If you’re blogging, just send us a recent post you like. Otherwise, please send us a paragraph or two about something you’d like us to know about you. If that’s too personal, then maybe a couple of paragraphs about something that brings you joy.

Hiring process

1. Send us an email with your resume, work, and writing sample described above.

2. Phone call with the CEO: non-technical, getting to know each other and seeing if this could be a fit.

3. Video chat with the CEO and team members, talking about your experiences, and everyone’s goals. Some of the discussions will be technical but no coding.

4. Take-home coding challenge to modify two JavaScript actions in DayBack. Questions are highly encouraged.

5. Video chat to discuss the challenge. Call references and do a background check.

6. Offer extended.

7. Join the team.

General information

Location: We’ve always been an all-remote company, so you’ll be working at your own place but in close contact with our team over the phone, video, Slack, and in-person when it works out. We prefer folks in states where we have other employees, meaning WA, OR, PA, TN, NC, and CO, but we’re open to expanding that for the right candidates; you must have permanent residency in the USA.

Benefits: SeedCode offers full-time employees a 401(k) with employer match, a health plan with 100% employee coverage and a contribution towards covering additional family members, a generous paid vacation plan, maternity/paternity leave, and developers receive a yearly allowance for augmenting their own gear. We’ll help you carve out time for volunteering or contributing to open-source projects, even if they’re not directly on mission for DayBack. SeedCode is committed to giving developers a sane life in tech and a work-life balance you’re proud of. Schedule balancing is not just baked into our product; it’s a project within the company and between each of us to make time for what’s most important.

Mission: What we’re trying to accomplish: our mission. And the problem we’re trying to solve: your calendar is a horror movie. We are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive company.