Javascript Jobs - Software Engineer (Javascript, 3D experience) - Part-Time & Remote, 17853

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Location Atlanta, GA
Date Posted November 11, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Part-time


Software Engineer (Javascript, 3D experience) - Part-Time & Remote


  • Modify Turbosquid 3D model of V22 Osprey to be usable in WebGL
  • Create simple controller for the Osprey to make parts of it able to animate in WebGL.
  • Create hermite curve animation prototype
  • Create prototype of how to go about breaking down a simulation into modular systems that can be easily added/removed that will govern each aspect of the overall simulation while running in sync with each other.
  • Prototyping new Backend System
  • Prototype Animation Synchronization
  • Rebuild front end plus integrate new version of stomp
  • Building functionality to handle Simulation Stories/Scripts
  • Creating services to pull data from a database
  • Building a tool to make it easy to lay out Spline paths in 3D to create scripted movements that will be used in 2D / 3D Simulations.


- Vanilla Javascript (no frameworks like jquery, react, etc.), ES6 to ES2020 versions of Javascript including using ES Modules

- Three.js and experience creating UI Widgets / Components from scratch


- Knowledgeable of using bitwise operations

- Experience using Raw WebGL APIs instead of using frameworks like ThreeJS, babylonJS, etc.

- Experience using hermite curves to program animations (bezier or catmull curves)

- Experience working with game engines (creating your own game engine, using a game design pattern-ECS)

NOTES: Part-time (~12 hours per week). This project is supposedly going to be slow moving over a period of 9 months. Remote to start and could possibly (likely) remain that way.