Javascript Jobs - Functional JavaScript Developer - Full Remote, 16832

at Ascendo Resources
Location San Jose, CA
Date Posted February 4, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time



Seeking a Full Stack Application Software Developer with a DEEP understanding of FUNCTIONAL programming concepts and techniques in JavaScript. Additional, ancillary experience in a purely functional programming language (Haskell, F#, Elixir) also desirable but this is, at its core, a JavaScript centric role.

You will join a the core team of R&D senior software engineers building the latest features and products for a proprietary web based application that is disrupting a trillion dollar government procurement business and saving local, state and federal agencies millions of dollars annually. Day-to-day work will include developing everything from UI components to Node services and Database Structures. Individual focus areas will vary depending on the professional,with some focusing more on services and others on UI, but all team members are senior and decidedly full-stack. To be clear, expertise in modern web technologies including advanced Server-Side and Client-Side JavaScript frameworks, libraries and state management tools are necessary for success int his role. That said, the role will absolutely also need a sufficiently strong comprehension of higher-order functions and functional composition.